Moment yobs hurl deckchairs in 10-man mass brawl on UK beach as temperatures hit 28C

A day at the seaside erupted into a 10-man brawl and saw deckchair after deckchair thrown as tempers boiled over on one of the hottest days of the year.

The shocking scenes on Southend seafront shocked onlookers as the men threw chairs and even tables at the Essex tourist hotspot.

The yobs appeared to be enjoying their drinks at the seafront cafe Pebbles One when someone saw red.

Witnesses said they were upset that children and families had to see the fight, which came on the day England played Croatia in the Euros 2020 tournament.

The Your Southend group posted the video to their Facebook site, saying: “We were sent this shocking video of a fight between two groups of men on Southend seafront, which reportedly happened today.

“A number of deckchairs, tables and glass bottles were thrown during the altercation.

“The seafront was packed with thousands of people when the incident happened, including families with children.

“The fight, involving around 10 men, reportedly took place in the area around the Pebbles One cafe on the beach.

“Police are continuing to increase their patrols along the seafront as the hot weather brings more visitors into the town.

“Officers carried out a number of successful stop checks on people and vehicles over the weekend, as well as aiming to deter anti social behaviour with their visible presence.”

Those who saw the video on Facebook said they were horrified.

Alexa Horner McMonagle said: “A complete embarrassment. The sun comes out/there’s beer and they lose their minds.

Jennifer Wright said: “People should not be allowed to drink if they act like this.

“My mum and dad moved me and my brother away from London to get away from all this almost 30 years ago.”

Vicki Barrett Hart said: “Limit what people can drink …. If they can’t take responsibility for themselves then someone else has to.

“Look at them p***ed up & burnt what an embarrassment.”

Paul Collum added: “Embarrassing…grown men acting like young children!! Have them on film name and shame and big fine and ban from Southend simple total joke.”

Alexandra Hitchman said: “Stop the trains and the riff raff coming up at weekends. Let the trains only run midweek for the educated nice folk who work hard for a living.”

Charlotte Kulekci said: “Too much sun and beer I think, some people can’t handle drink, clearly. But come on lads really in front of children.”

Hazel Eileen Benjamin joked: “Can’t wait for the planes to start up and take them all who want to go back off to Spain and leave our seaside beaches alone for our decent people.”

An Essex Police spokesman said: Our officers were out in force over the weekend in Southend, helping people and keeping people safe.

“The vast majority of residents and visitors to the area enjoyed the weather, football and local attractions safely.

Sadly, a handful of individuals attempted to spoil it for everyone else.

Chief Inspector Ian Hughes, District Commander for Southend, said: “We are aware of a video circulating online showing a group of people fighting in Marine Parade, Southend, yesterday afternoon.

“The people shown in the video behaved recklessly, with no care for the injuries they could have caused to friends and families around them.

“We’re progressing enquiries and working to identify those pictured and will continue our high visibility patrols of the area.

“For anyone who thinks they can come to Essex, to our towns and beaches, and commit crime, violence or anti-social behaviour, you can’t and if you do, you can expect a visit from us as we simply will not tolerate it.”

Cllr Martin Terry, Cabinet Member for Public Protection, said: “The violent anti-social behaviour shown in the video by this group of people is unacceptable.

“The Council works closely with the police through our Community Safety Partnership, and we will be supporting them to help identify those involved

.“Thankfully, after another incredibly busy weekend for the town, the vast majority have behaved responsibly, which we are thankful for, and it was reassuring to see extra police officers on duty.”